12/29/16 Udate on Edible Plants and Taxes

Hi Everybody

We've been working on the taxability issue surrounding food plants. Thank you all for input on this to make it happen! The great news is.... the time is here!

Starting with the New Year, any edible plant will scan with no sales tax. You should see absolutely no difference in your process as cashiers, merchandisers, receivers, etc. When you scan items, taxes will ring correctly.

This includes all obvious food-producing plants (veggies, herbs, fruit trees), as well as seeds for edible plants, food-specific fertilizers (Tomato and Veggie Food, Citrus Food...), and even a few not-so-obvious plants like Aloe vera.

The only part that will require some cashier attention is in ringing 4-inch plants. If the pot does not have a barcode to scan, you'll need to ring manually. The change here is that non-edible plants will ring as always (4395, 4495, etc), but EDIBLE plants will ring under new codes 8395, 8495, etc. (Think 8 as in "ate" when ringing edibles.) I expect that all 4in plants will have working barcodes in the coming weeks, so this will become less of a challenge.

Seeds also have been split between two different SKUs for edible-plant seeds and non-edible. I activated all the barcodes, so if you scan it will ring correctly.


Thanks, all!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I've also given more thorough details to the trainers.