1/26/17 New Vendor Availability Format (how-to)

If you haven't noticed yet, the Employee Home Page has been refreshed with a new look. One of the exciting new features is Vendor Availability Lists!

On the Availabilities page, you will see names of vendors. Each listing spells out frequency of ordering, and details about timing, deadlines, and plants they grow.

You can click any vendor name to be taken directly to their availability list.

YOU CAN ALSO SEARCH FOR A PLANT among EVERY vendor now, without having to flip pages! On the Availabilities page, if you click the header instead of a vendor name, it will take you to the Main Page of the availabilities documents. Instructions are spelled out on that page as well as here: Hit "CTRL H" and a dialog box will pop up. Type a plant name, as vague or as specific as you need ("Agave" or "Agave att nova"). Hit Enter key. If the plant is available, it will highlight on the corresponding availability. Keep hitting Enter to see all instances of that search, on all vendor pages. It will move from page to page with each Enter.

This will soon replace the binders. This feature is available from any computer, in-house or not.