To help you create your dream garden, we offer two levels of design service: complimentary in-store design sessions and on-site design & planning.

With either option, you can do your own planting or work with one of our full-service garden installation partners.


Based on your photos and rough measurements, we can offer you excellent advice and help you select just the right plants, pots, and furniture.  This service is great for DIYers or simple projects. 


1. Photograph your space.

This is the most important step -- you can skip all the others if they sound stressful.

Take a bunch of photos of your current (or future) garden. Get different angles and capture important perspectives, like the view from a window or your favorite sitting spot.

2. Sketch and measure.

Make a rough paper-and-pencil sketch of your garden. Measurements in feet and inches are best, but arm-lengths and paces will do.

3. Look at your light.

We'll pick plants based on how many hours of sunlight each spot gets. Look at your garden in the morning, around lunchtime, and in the later afternoon, noting which spots are sunny or shady.

4. Come to the store and ask for a designer.

We're always available, and the best times to get our undivided attention are Tuesday - Thursday, 10:00 - 4:00.


Customized, site-specific garden design services at your home or business, starting at $400.

1. Meet our designers.

Learn about Patrick Lannan and Daniel Nolan to see which designer best suits your style.

2. Learn about our process.

Read about how we work with you. We’ll listen to you and create drawings, a plant list, or a full plan.

3. Contact us to schedule a site visit.

Send us a simple design inquiry


Call us at 415-694-6454

Our designers are available for consultations on week days during business hours.