What services do we provide?

Our design will transform your existing garden, deck, or interior plantscape, giving you what you want – like lush spaces for relaxing outside, high-style vertical gardens, or postcard gardens to view from your window. As experts in Bay Area microclimates, our designers will choose water-wise plants with the ability to thrive in your setting, whether it’s inside or out, sunny or shady, protected or blasted by salty winds off the Pacific.

If you'd like your own garden to reflect what you love about visiting Flora Grubb Gardens, we can make it happen.


How we work with you
The designer will make a one-hour visit to your site to assess your existing conditions, considering light, water, soil, microclimate, and orientation. Soon after your consultation, the designer will meet with you here in the nursery to present the design and show you the plants to be used. Depending on your needs, the product of the consultation can range from simple suggestions, to a plant list and conceptual sketch, to a complete design with installation plan.

Services our partners can provide
To provide you with all the services you need, we work closely with a select pool of licensed contractors. We will connect you with the right contractor to implement our design, including any lighting elements, irrigation systems, paths, soil amendments, and other non-plant components of the garden. If ongoing maintenance is desired, we can recommend some trusted gardeners. If you already have a gardener, or want to work on planting and caring for the garden yourself, we are here to help you.

Our design fees

Our fee for the one-hour visit in San Francisco is $400, and $500 for the Peninsula (from Daly City to Palo Alto and Half Moon Bay). Our initial consultation visit fee covers the visit to your garden and a follow up appointment here in the nursery. If you have a small-scale project there will not be any additional design fees.  

If your project requires more extensive design due to scale or complexity, the designer will create a proposal based on an hourly fee of $120/hr. Return visits to your garden are billed at $200/hr.

Our designers are available for consultations on weekdays during normal business hours.

Contact us at design@floragrubb.com / 415-694-6454.