Get Started Building Your Indoor Garden

We plant-lovers get lonely indoors without some plant companions. If you need to add some green to your indoor space, follow these directions to get prepared and we will help you pick just the thing:

  • Take some photos of the spots where you want to add plants.

  • Take a few measurements. How tall should it be? how wide?

  • Asses your light conditions.

  • If you have inspiration photos, bring those along to.

March yourself down here to our shop, which is crammed full of gorgeous houseplants. Our skilled staff will make sure you get your indoor jungle off to a good start. 


For Some Inspiration... peek inside Zenaida Sengo's home: 

Even More Inspiration....

Zenaida Sengo's book Air Plants: The Curious World of Tillandsias will guide you through everything you need to know about caring for and designing with Air Plants. Air plants are a simple and fuss-free approach to create your indoor garden. You can purchase it in our store or on our Web Shop

We were honored this year to have one of Zenaida's water color paintings to grace our T-shirts! You can purchase a T-shirt in our store and on our Web Shop, as well as her line of watercolor greeting cards. Find more of her watercolor pieces on her Instagram @zenaidasengo and on her website