In-Store Design Session

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just getting started, a little bit of design advice can go a long way as you dig into your garden. Over the years we’ve helped many customers make their plant dreams come true with our complimentary In-Store Design Sessions.

Flora Grubb Gardens In-Store Design Session
Flora Grubb Gardens - Design Your Space

Got an ambitious plan for a backyard makeover? We’ll help you select just the right plants to thrive beautifully in your space. Looking to cheer up your office or apartment with a little plant love? We can suggest easy-care indoor plants and the perfect pots to go with them. Our expert staff can help you make it happen!

Come in for a Design Session at Flora Grubb Gardens

It’s easy, come into the store with…

  1. A few photos of your space (priority number one).

  2. A few photos of your design inspiration (if you’ve got’em).

  3. A few measurements (even chicken-scratch will do).

We’ll give you a complimentary in-store design session to help you get your garden project just right.

Flora Grubb Gardens - Selections for Your Haven
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Flora Grubb Gardens Design Your Haven
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