Instructions for Planting Succulent Letters

Flora Grubb Gardens Succulent Wall Letters.jpg
  1. Soak frame until moss is completely moist.

  2. For sempervivums (hen and chicks) peel off the petals on the back until there is a small stem. Using a dibble (such as a small screw driver) rough up the moss. Carve a little dip in the moss and place the chick in.

  3. For most other succulents with stems, pull leaves from planting end and make sure there is a short stem. If the stem is too long there is a chance of it rotting. Poke a hole with the screw driver and insert the stem. Push the moss firmly around the stem to hold it in.

  4. There is no right or wrong way to arrange these. Place your succulents as close or far apart as you like. Just remember that the sempervivums will open and spread as they grow, so give them a little space.

  5. When the frame is planted give it four to six weeks to establish roots. Keep it moist but not wet. Succulents do like to dry out between watering.

  6. Once your succulents have rooted and are established you can hang your vertical planter. The more sun they get, the more colorful they will get. If you live where summers are hot and long, (like the Central Valley) place where the frame will get morning sun and afternoon shade.

  7. Once established let the frame dry out, then take off wall and water by soaking or gently spraying with hose. When the moss is crunchy, it is time to water.

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