Thigmotrope Satellite


Thigmotrope Satellite is a vehicle for cultivating nature in otherwise impossible-to-reach places: that smooth wall in the living room, the little area next to the bathtub, or just above the kitchen sink.

Thigmotrope Satellite is simple to install and makes caring for tillandsia air plants equally easy. It screws directly into a mounting surface such as painted drywall or a wood plaque. If you pre-drill, you can even screw it into a concrete or masonry surface. Its three prongs gently cradle your air plants, allowing for effortless placement and removal for watering and rearrangement.

Composed of solid welded steel, it’s made right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

So what’s with the name Thigmotrope? “Thigmotropism” refers to the instinct of certain organisms to turn toward touch, as for instance the roots of an air plant embrace the bark of a tree, or a vine wraps its tendrils around a twig.

We’re got Thigmotrope Satellites here in our San Francisco store. We also have an enormous collection of tillandsia air plants to create your own unique garden with.