Flora Grubb Gardens Vertical Garden Panel

ABOVE: Installation of 6 panels with wooden frame.

ABOVE: Installation of 6 panels with wooden frame.

Planting Your Vertical Garden DIY Panel

Congratulations on starting your vertical garden! It’s a simple process to get it growing: Plant it. Grow it flat. Mount it in its permanent home once roots have grown in. 

The 20"x20" tray contains 45 slanted planting cells to support plants and soil once mounted on the wall. 

  1. Choose the location where your vertical garden will live. Remember: Exposure 

    and microclimate will determine which plants will thrive. 

  2. Determine how you will mount the vertical garden. It will be heavy. The 

    panel’s design allows for two long screws (not included) to affix and bear the 

    weight of the planted panel. It also allows you to insert a drip irrigation line. 

  3. Find a spot where your vertical garden panel can lie flat for two to six months. Choose 

    a spot whose sun exposure is similar to where it will be permanently mounted. 

    Allow for dirt and dirty water to drain off during the grow­ing period. 

  4. Select your plants. Make sure they are suited to the exposure and your climate. 

    Make sure they will fit the panel’s cells, which measure 2 inches high by 4 

    inches wide by 2.25 inches deep.

  5. Pack the cells with a base layer of your growing medium. For our vertical

    succulent gardens we use standard potting mix.

  6. Place your plants in the cells. Two ­inch potted plants and cuttings of easily 

    rooted plants work equally well. The possibilities are limited only by your

    climate, frequency of care, and imagination. 

  7. Fill the cells with your plants. The fewer plants in each cell, the larger they can 

    grow. For a fine­-grained effect, insert more plants per cell. Fill each cell with 

    planting medium, fully covering roots and rooting stems. 

  8. Water your plants gently and thoroughly in the horizontal position.

  9.   Grow your vertical garden panel horizontally until the plants have developed 

    roots and can stay firmly in place when lifted into a vertical position. For our 

    succulent panels, two to three months during the growing season (March through October) has been sufficient, but readiness will vary for each vertical garden. 

  10. Mount the panel in its permanent home. You can water it by hand or arrange 

    an irrigation line through the top of the panel, inserting emitters through each 

    drain slot. If you are tiling the panels to create a larger vertical garden, use a 

    separate irrigation line for each horizontal row of panels. 

  11. Watch it grow. Prune, weed and replant as needed.