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We’re fortunate to have an outpost of Ritual Coffee Roasters inside Flora Grubb Gardens. Come enjoy a cappuccino and a pastry, take in the serene atmosphere, or get fueled up to design your garden.

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Ritual Coffee Kiosk Hours:

Monday to Thursday    9:00 – 4:00
Friday and Saturday     9:00 – 4:30
Sunday                         10:00 – 4:30

Call Ritual at Flora Grubb Gardens: 

Song Tea at Ritual Coffee at Flora Grubb Gardens


Ritual Coffee Roasters serves Song Tea here at the Gardens. Song Tea is a tea importer and merchant based in San Francisco. Pronounced “sung,” the name was chosen in appreciation of the Song Dynasty of China. Song sources the teas in this collection directly from producers who share Ritual’s standards for quality and integrity. Come linger in the Gardens over one of Song’s teas. Absorb their unique flavor profiles, vivid clarity, and sublime textures while you soak up the beauty around you and take a moment for contemplation.