Thigmotrope Satellite

Thigmotrope Satellite is a beautiful tool for creating vertical gardens. These steel Thigmotrope Satellites are designed to be screwed into a wall and hold Tillandsia air plants.

Add Tillandsia air plants, place in bright natural light, and you can cultivate vertical gardens in otherwise hard-to-reach places: that bright wall in the living room, under a skylight, or next to the kitchen window. Thigmotrope Satellites couldn’t be easier to mount – wherever a screw goes. They can also be mounted on horizontal surfaces.

Designed By Seth Boor in collaboration with Flora Grubb, and available only at Flora Grubb Gardens. Made in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comes with instructions for care and assembly. The standard Thigmotrope Satellite is 2 inches in diameter and extends 3 inches from the surface it is mounted on. The big Thigmotrope Satellite is 3.25 inches in diameter and extends 5 inches from the surface it is mounted on. A one inch screw holds both sizes in place. 

You can purchase Thigmotrope Sattelites at our store or on our Web Shop

Photo Credit: Catilin Atkinson, Jen Siska, and Jasper Sanidad