Houseplants, Pots & Planters, Steal This Look

A Visit Inside Scribe Winery

An utterly relaxing and creatively inspiring space, Scribe Winery is one of those places that envelops you, a place you want to sit and stay awhile. The tasting room is a Mission style hacienda, perfectly renovated to retain the history of the architecture and kinship to place. The philosophy behind the wine, architecture and design is one of connection to place and people.

Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Houseplants.png
Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Nora Sibley Denker.png

When Nora Sibley Denker, creative director of Scribe Winery, was charged with finding plants that would perfect the Hacienda she drove a U-haul straight to Flora Grubb Gardens. Two U-hauls later she achieved a perfect balance: a warm and inviting interior that flows naturally onto the patio, winery, gardens and oak hills beyond.

Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Potted Plants.png
Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Interior Plants.png

Each corner of every room in the Hacienda is anchored with a houseplant, softening the edges and creating a seamless connection to the outdoors. This elegant Ficus benghalensis ‘Audrey’ gently curves out across the window in the dining area, while a soft leafed Monstera deliciosa relaxes next to a sofa with a view out to the patio and beyond.

Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Designing with Plants.png

Old world charm exudes from this curved window bay filled with a collection of big and small leafed houseplants. Reminiscent of an airy victorian parlor where houseplants where a key feature of interior design, this grouping of plants makes for the perfect welcome, beckoning guests to come sit a spell.

Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Potted Cactus.png

Scribe elected for an assortment of off-white and terra-cotta pottery for all of their containers, unifying the collection without making it too stiff. Nora opted to group some of the plants, using stands too add height and variety to the assembly.

Flora Grubb Gardens x Scribe Winery Sonoma.png

Recently Nora has also been adding containers of succulents and palms along the patio and covered porch, creating cozy rooms for visitors to gather in. Take inspiration from the beauty that Scribe Winery has created and find your own here at the Gardens. Weather you are looking for a single stunning addition to your home or a collection of plants to fill a room we can help you find what you need to re-energize your space.

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