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Flora Grubb Gardens x Case Study: The Modern Pink Planter

Case Study developed these amazing pink planters exclusively for us, so you can only get them here! Great for indoors and out, these Mid-Century modern-inspired planters are available in small cylinders, tabletop and desktop sizes. Hand-finished and dipped with a pink matte glaze, their natural color variation between the pots makes each one uniquely beautiful.

Flora Grubb Gardens Pink Planter Case Study Pots.jpg

The tabletop planter adds just the right amount of color and lightness to a room and is complemented here by the foliage of Caladium bicolor, a light, tea green with bold magenta veins. In the larger cylinder Portulacaria afra 'Variegata' (rainbow bush) gracefully drapes over the pot with reddish-brown stems that contrast with variegated cream and green leaves. This lively succulent makes a great houseplant for a sunny spot or a perfect container plant outdoors.

Flora Grubb Gardens Case Study Pink Planter Pots.jpg
Flora Grubb's  Blush Case Study Planter at Mister Jius Bar in  San Francisco.jpg
Flora Grubb Gardens Case Study Modern Pink Pots in Store Display.jpg

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