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An Aloe Manifesto by Tyson Curtis

My name is Tyson, and I’ve traveled the world in search of rare and elusive aloes and literally worshipped at their feet. This is my manifesto on why aloes are misunderstood, which I believe begins with the ubiquitousness of Aloe vera. Let’s shatter the preconception that all aloes somehow fall into this single category and come to truly appreciate the versatility of the genus Aloe.

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Lush Indoor Gardens at San Francisco's Mister Jiu's

"Plants make everything better!" says Anna Lee Jew, Creative Director of the stylish (and delicious) Mister Jiu's restaurant in SF's Chinatown. We couldn't agree more! Houseplants are the perfect antidote to the seasonal blues, so we're taking a peek inside Mister Jiu's to get inspired by the lush indoor garden that Anna and her husband, chef Brandon Jew, created with plants from Flora Grubb.