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Lush Indoor Gardens at San Francisco's Mister Jiu's

"Plants make everything better!" says Anna Lee Jew, Creative Director of the stylish (and delicious) Mister Jiu's restaurant in SF's Chinatown. We couldn't agree more! Houseplants are the perfect antidote to the seasonal blues, so we're taking a peek inside Mister Jiu's to get inspired by the lush indoor garden that Anna and her husband, chef Brandon Jew, created with plants from Flora Grubb.

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A Visit Inside Scribe Winery

An utterly relaxing and creatively inspiring space, Scribe Winery is one of those places that envelops you, a place you want to sit and stay awhile. The tasting room is a Mission style hacienda, perfectly renovated to retain the history of the architecture and kinship to place. The philosophy behind the wine, architecture and design is one of connection to place and people.

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The Perfect Display for your Tillandsia: Thigmotrope Satellite and Thigmotrope Perch

Thigmotrope Satellite and Perch are vehicles for cultivating plants in otherwise hard-to-reach places. Thigmotrope Satellite is simple to install and makes caring for tillandsia air plants equally easy. It screws directly into a mounting surface such as painted drywall or a wood plaque. Thigmotrope Perch is a simple display to show off your tillandsia air plant on a table, shelf, or other horizontal surface.