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Our Limited Edition Gardener's Bandanna

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We're thrilled to introduce our limited edition Gardener's Bandanna, created for Flora Grubb Gardens through a collaboration with Santa Cruz artist Lili Arnold. The design features the 'Queen of the Night' cactus, Selenicereus grandiflorus, whose elusive, sweetly scented flowers only bloom after dark. The hand-carved cactus pattern is printed on a 100% cotton indigo blue bandanna. 

Our bandanna's a great gift for gardeners—perfect for keeping the sun off your neck and looking cute while doing it. Don't you think all your friends need one? We'll even send them in the mail! They're also fun for wrapping little pots and ornaments, two gifts in one.

Flora Grubb Gardens Bandana 1.jpg
Gardener's Bandanna
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That's Lili, carving the original artwork that inspired the design. Amazing, right?

Flora Grubb in Flora Grubb Gardens Gardener's Bandanna.jpg

Gift Certificate + Gardener's Bandanna = Love

Because we love the new bandanna so much, we're folding it in with another perfect gift for gardeners: When you buy a gift certificate for $100 or more, we'll include the bandanna for free!

Give someone special the Flora Grubb experience, the gift of treasure hunting in our garden. Shop for gift certificates online and we'll mail them to you or your loved ones, or pick them up in our store.

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