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The Big May Sale. 20% Off – Saturday May 25th through Monday May 27th.

There's a big, juicy three-day weekend coming up, and we’re getting ready for a big, juicy sale! Come see us this weekend, Saturday May 25 through Monday May 27, and enjoy 20% off all the glorious plants we have in stock.

Flora Grubb Gardens Get in Your Garden.png

Take advantage of the sale to come and grab those beauties you've been eyeing. Whether you're planning a dream garden or just looking to get inspired for a fun outdoor project, we've got everything you need.

Flora Grubb Gardens Garden Path at the Store.png
Flora Grubb Gardens Leucaendron argenteum.png

For a dose of soft color with a muted sheen, try Leucaendron argenteum (above). Or choose from our rainbow of delicate Japanese maples in varied textures and colors (below).

Flora Grubb Gardens Japanese Maple.png

If you're short on space, we've also got tons of plants that thrive in container gardens or indoors, like gorgeous, easy-care bromeliads (below left) or Crassula exilis ssp. picturata (below right).

Flora Grubb Gardens Bromeliad.png
Flora Grubb Gardens Potted Plant.png

Right now the nursery's packed with lovely choices, so come down to the sale, grab a coffee and browse your heart out. See you soon!

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