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Plant Valentines for All of Our Beloveds

Around here on Valentine's Day we celebrate all our loves, not just the romantic ones. We asked some beloved FGG staffers to share the plant valentines they'll be handing out this year. Check them out—so cute!

Flora Grubb Gardens Colorful Plants.png

Jim, from our merchandising team
A valentine for:
 My husband, Manuel
I chose: Euphorbia tirucalli 'Sticks on Fire' in a Pop and Scott pot
Why? Manuel's got a great eye, so he'll love the way the growth pattern of the euphorbia matches the design on this hand-painted pot.

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Flora Grubb Gardens Tropical Vireya.png

Andy, from our sales team
A valentine for: My boyfriend, Jeff
I chose: A tropical rhododendron called a vireya, under-planted with cryptanthus bromeliads (Earth Stars), in a dyed concrete pot
Why? Jeff just moved into a new house in Oakland with a nice protected yard. I wanted to give him some plants that would grow into the space. The plants are still in their plastic containers so Jeff can remove and re-plant them, then use the cute pot for something else!  

Flora Grubb Gardens Cactus in Terracotta Pot.png
Flora Grubb Gardens Our Team and Staff.png

Becca, from our buying team
A valentine for: My best friend, Jules
I chose: Consolea rubescens (cartoon cactus)
Why? Jules loves the desert and she's always on trend. Also I thought the name would make her laugh!

Flora Grubb Gardens Tillandsia and Thigmatrope Air Plant Stand.png
Flora Grubb Gardens Tillandsia Gifts.png

Phui, from our buying team
Valentines for: My brother and sister
I chose: Tillandsias with thigmotrope perches
Why? My brother lives in San Diego, and my sister's all the way in New York, so I wanted to choose plants that would survive shipping. Since you can only get the thigmotropes here at Flora Grubb, I know my family will love finding these in their mail.

Flora Grubb Gardens Gifts Houseplants and Planters.png

Zann, from our buying team
Valentines for: My mom and my hubby, Tony
I chose: Aloe vera 'Chinensis' and Tillandsia 'Antonio' 
Why? Bromeliads are Tony's favorite easy-care plant for our shady garden, so I picked one that also happens to share his name! I'll give my mom the Aloe vera to bring her some healing energy.

Flora Grubb Gardens Pink Case Study Planter and Plant.png
Flora Grubb Gardens Modern House Plant Gifts.png

Shahin, from our sales team
A valentine for: My girlfriend, Mary
I chose: A peperomia in a pink Case Study pot 
Why? Mary will love how the pink Peperomia stems go with the pink glaze on this special pot.

We've got lots of Valentine gift ideas, whether you're shopping for your mom or your honey or your plant-obsessed friend. Come by and see us soon!

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