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Steal This Look: A Soft and Sculptural Retreat

In this secluded oasis designed by the fabulous Daniel Nolan, contrasting textures play off each other to beautiful effect, soft and sculptural shapes work in harmony to create a lush, artful garden design.

Flora Grubb Gardens Steal This Look Soft and Sculptural.png


We love the various shades of green in this easy care garden. This combination of plants looks lush and tropical but does not need much water once established. This selection of plants will thrive in full sun to bright shade. The Giant Bird of Paradise grows quickly to create privacy or to screen out an undesirable view.


Strelttzia nicolii - The Giant Bird of Paradise

Flora Grubb Gardens Bird of Paradise.png
Flora Grubb Gardens and Scribe Winery.png

The easy to care for Giant Bird of Paradise creates a tropical or Mediterranean look in your garden or home. It loves full sun or deep shade, or even in a very bright indoor spot, as shown below in a sunny corner in the tasting room at Scribe Winery. The leaves also work for a cutting garden. Just cut the large leaves for a vase arrangement on your table or mantle.

Phoenix roebelenii- The Miniature Date Palm

Flora Grubb Gardens Miniature Date Palm.png

This sweet little palm grows rather slowly and never becomes very tall, making it perfect for a small garden. It also does beautifully in a pot. It grows lovely inedible miniature dates as well.

Ginko Biloba

This charming tree is like a living fossil. This beauty is the only surviving member of a group of ancient plants that inhabited the earth about 150 million years ago. In your garden, it will grow a bit slowly, and you'll get a bright yellow show before it drops its leaves in the late fall.

The Sixties Chair from Fermob

Flora Grubb Gardens White Sixties Chair by Fermob.png

Fermob is a French designer and manufacturer of modern metal outdoor furniture. Made of aluminum tube frame and woven polymer wire, the Sixties Chair is easy, stylish seating, which we have in stock now. Take it home today and lounge in the sun tomorrow!

If you would like Daniel Nolan to create some magic in your garden, contact him here. We also have his gorgeous new book, Dry Gardens: High Style for Low Water Gardens, for purchase at the store. Come visit!

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