tips to help you extend the lifespan of your FERMOB furniture


  • Take extra care when unpacking your furniture, so as not to damage the products. The Fermob guarantee does not cover cuts and scratches occurring during unpacking.

  • Do not place table tops directly on the ground.

  • Only tighten all bolts and nuts once you have finished assembling the product.

  • Do not attempt to force any bolts or nuts that cannot be tightened further.


  • Clean your furniture with clean water or water containing a non-detergent soap.

  • Do not clean with an abrasive sponge or metal scourer.

  • Clean off any bird droppings as soon as possible, as these can damage the paint finish.

  • Clean off any tough stains with a limescale removal product or a Starbrite multi-purpose cleaning product.


  • Ensure that each pad/foot is correctly installed on products.

  • If you see natural metal exposed, or if rust appears following a knock or bump, treat this quickly using Fermob’s touch up spray or paint pen (available through your Fermob Dealer).

  • Prevent water from accumulating on the furniture by tipping it slightly when not in use.


  • Avoid chaining the furniture, or use vinyl coated security cables to avoid scratches.

  • In winter, store your furniture in a dry, well-ventilated place, and ensure it is protected from knocks and bumps.

  • Do not store objects on top of the furniture.


  • Do not cover the furniture with a tarpaulin or plastic-coated sheet. Avoid prolonged contact with objects that may retain water or moisture (flower pots, placemats, etc.).

  • Use caution with flower pots on the table top. Do not drag across the finish unless the bottom has protective feet or felt padding.


  • If you have difficulty affixing the feet/pads, place then in hot water to soften them.

  • Attach Bistro feet with a vice grip or pliers (carefully to avoid scratching).

  • To maintain structural integrity, tables and chairs must be used with feet. Feet must be replaced if lost (available through your Fermob Dealer).