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We are currently hiring. 

Design Coordinator

32 - 40 hours per week

This position works week days. 

Starting wage $18 per hour

Email resumes to

We’re looking for a person who'd like to support the efforts of our design and sales department. This is largely a desk job.  You will be the first point of contact for customers who want to work with our design department, and you will be in contact with special customers. For this part of the job, you'll need a willingness to be on the phone and experience providing excellent customer care. 

You will support our in-house garden design and sales departments by creating quotes and invoices and collecting payments. You will manage a lot of paperwork and contracts. For this part of the job you will need to be willing and able to work on a computer many hours each day, and have an excellent ability to manage details. 

Since you are a coordinator, you will need to be a natural communicator. You will need to be very skilled at figuring out what needs to be communicated, to whom, and when. You will need to have an excellent ability to understand and meet customer expectation.

At times, your work will take you into the nursery, but you will primarily work with out "upstairs crew" - the folks who work at desks upstairs and make the magic happen. 

Sales Associate

32 - 40 hours per week
Ideal candidates will work Saturday and Sunday.

The shifts we need to fill are Friday, Saturday and Sunday with opportunity to add other days.

Starting wage $14 per hour

Email resumes to

We’re looking for an experienced customer service pro to work at our cash register. You’ll ring folks up, answer tons of questions, help connect our customers to the appropriate sales person and / or services, answer the phone, keep our cash register station clean and well organized, and spread good feelings to everyone you interact with.

The cashier at Flora Grubb Gardens is at the hub of our customer’s experience. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and it will be your job to assure that every interaction with our customers expresses how important they are to us.

We’ll count on you to be the champion of the processes we’ve developed, and to help us constantly improve them.

You’ll need to know a lot about plants and gardens. At the cash register, you’ll get a lot of practical questions about plant care. You’ll need to be able to answer them authoritatively and also admit quickly when you don’t have the answer and find someone on staff who does.

You won’t need to have the advanced plant ID skills required to work as a sales person here at FGG. Experience as a professional gardener or landscaper would be great.