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Sales Specialist

24 hours to 40 hours per week

Weekend shifts required

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Our Sales Specialists are knowledgeable in the study of horticulture, design and people. We’re looking for applicants who will collaborate with our customers to create beautiful and sustainable gardens all day, everyday.

Sales Specialists spend most of their time on the sales floor providing a warm welcome to all who enter our store. We aim to be ready and available when needed and otherwise unobtrusive. We are passionate about plants and it’s our goal to share our inspiration and enthusiasm with our customers. We are experts in directing customers to the plants and other garden amenities that best match their hopes and dreams for their garden space.

In addition to designing gardens with our customers, Sales Specialist are required to have a thorough understanding of all products and services offered by Flora Grubb Gardens. Sales specialist also assist with answering phones and ringing up customers.

To be successful in this role, an applicant should an outstanding communicator who works well with others to achieve shared goals. She or he will work in a focused and professional manner in a busy retail environment. Professional experience with staff supervision will be highly valued.

Candidates must have at least one year of professional experience working with plants in either a garden nursery setting or in garden design or maintenance. Some formal horticultural study is preferred.

Sales Associate

24 to 40 hours a week

Weekend shifts required

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We’re looking for an experienced customer service pro to work at our cash register. You’ll ring folks up, answer tons of questions, help connect our customers to the appropriate sales person and / or services, answer the phone, keep our cash register station clean and well organized, and spread good feelings to everyone you interact with.

The cashier at Flora Grubb Gardens is at the hub of our customer’s experience. Our customers are the most important part of our business, and it will be your job to assure that every interaction with our customers expresses how important they are to us.

We’ll count on you to be the champion of the processes we’ve developed, and to help us constantly improve them.

You’ll need to know a lot about plants and gardens. At the cash register, you’ll get a lot of practical questions about plant care. You’ll need to be able to answer them authoritatively and also admit quickly when you don’t have the answer and find someone on staff who does.

You won’t need to have the advanced plant ID skills required to work as a sales person here at FGG. Experience as a professional gardener or landscaper would be great.

Nursery Associate

24 to 40 hours a week

Weekend shifts required

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We are looking for a friendly, strong, motivated person to join our team. You’ll do heavy physical work every day so you’ll need to be strong and fit. You will work with our customers every day so you should love working with people as much as you love working with plants.

You will be expected to lift, carry, and move heavy products on a daily basis, sometimes for many hours in a row, sometimes all day long. You must be able to lift 75 lbs regularly. You’ll be responsible for loading sold merchandise into vehicles, cleaning the nursery, moving large plants and heavy pottery, hauling plants around in our yard and creating displays with direction from more experienced staff members.

Customer service experience in any industry would be a major plus. You’ll be responsible for greeting customers and connecting them to a more experienced sales person when necessary. You'll get a lot of questions about plants so you’ll need to be able to admit quickly when you don't have the answer and find someone on staff who does.

You’ll need to have had some plant and garden experience, and a passion for gaining more. We’re looking for someone who wants to learn! You should have a passion of horticulture and a strong interest in garden design. You’ll be in a great position to learn from the skilled horticulturalists and garden designers who work here.

Full-time applicants must have a driver’s license. Candidates with fork lifting experience are preferred.  

Design Coordinator

32 to 40 hours per week

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We are looking for an outstanding project manager for our design team. 

The Design Coordinator role is primarily administrative. The bulk of his or her time is spent fielding requests for on-site designs, working with our designers and our buyers to ensure plant lists and other materials are accurate and timely, maintaining strong relations with all our design clients and handling all design team billing. 

This job is for someone who enjoys a fast-paced and creative work environment. The world of plant buying and designing on deadline presents many creative and logistical challenges. The Design Coordinator needs to be extremely detail-oriented and solution-oriented. S/he needs to keep track of a high volume of information coming from clients, designers and buyers. S/he plays a key role in keeping design clients and all pertinent staff informed to ensure projects progress. S/he also helps designers to meet their sales goals by meeting weekly and establishing the next steps to keep advancing projects. 

The Design Coordinator interacts with plants and other items we sell, by securing materials on the sales floor, bringing them to our will call area and reviewing our holding areas for accuracy and quality. 

All positions at Flora Grubb Gardens require the ability to communicate with clarity and respect and to collaborate with other teams to meet organization wide goals.